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Commercial Division

Our Commercial Division is experienced with automatic and manual doors, commercial windows and storefronts.

We do not outsource our installations & service.

Our commercial products are manufactured by the top names in the industry.  Choose from the selection below.

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Quikserv Ticket Windows


  • Aluminum
  • Serving / Service

Product Information

Amplified Speak-Thru Intercom System
Ticket Window Intercom System

Two-way communication is accomplished through the use of speakers and microphones located on each side of the partition of this ticket window. The inside operator controls the operation by speaking into the gooseneck microphone. The SC-100L is 4″ in diameter with a gooseneck microphone, on/off switch, volume control for both “talk” mode and “listen” mode, and operates with a rechargeable battery pack. This ticket window unit is great for applications where a “natural voice” speak-thru is not enough to get the job done.


  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Compact 4.0″ diameter design
  • Level 2 bullet-resistant
  • Voice-activated switch
  • Background noise level monitoring
  • Linear volume control
  • Easy installation

SC Slider/Ticket Window Combo
Ticket Window & Deal Tray Combo

Used widely in cash express locations, ticket booths, hotels, security deposit locations, and anywhere security is required for the transfer of funds or smaller items. Level 1 and Level 3 bullet-resistant options are available. This ticket window has the deal tray built into the base (8-1/2” x 11”) along with a flip cover to prevent drafts from entering the building. Standard Sizes:
Slider / Ticket Window Combo: 36″W x 36″H
Slider / Ticket Window Combo: 48″W x 36″H
Slider / Ticket Window Combo: 48″W x 48″H


  • Shipped fully assembled and ready to install
  • Warranty backed with Nationwide Service Centers
  • Dark bronze or clear anodized aluminum
  • Corrosion-resistant material: anodized aluminum and #304-#3 finish stainless steel
  • Constructed with high-visibility, bullet-resistant materials (Level 1)
  • QuikServ security sheet (level 1 or 3)
  • Stainless steel flip lid built into deal tray


  • Custom colors available
  • Various glazing options including bullet resistant polycarbonate or acrylic
  • Bullet-resistant transoms and sidelights – Level I or III

Speak Around Window

The Speak Around Window system we offer at Quikserv balances reliable bullet-resistant protection with a clean aesthetic design, the perfect service window combination. This unit operates by allowing a 1/2” spacing between the frame and the glass glazing, which allows natural sound transfer and ensures more personable face-to-face interactions with all customers while still providing bullet-resistant protection. This design alleviates the need for a speaker portal or other visual obstructions in the glass glazing, without sacrificing the protection of those standing on the interior side of the service window. This product is ideal for interior applications, and is commonly relied on by banks and financial service companies, to allow for effective customer service while still providing protection from would-be armed robbers and thieves. We have three standard sizes available, as well as custom sizing options to suit your project or business. Standard Sizes:
24″W x 36″H
30″W x 36″H
36″W x 36″H


  • Clear or dark bronze anodized frame finish
  • Level 1-3 bullet resistant glazing
  • Shipped fully-assembled and ready to install
  • Backed by limited one year warranty
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Stainless steel bullet resistant framing
  • Custom sizes available to suit every project
  • Various glazing options with up to Level 3 bullet resistant protection
    or non-ballistic 1/4” clear tempered glass
  • Available with stainless steel shelf base extending to the interior /
    exterior of the window with bullet resistant deal tray. It can also be
    provided with no sill to allow the unit to be mounted on to an
    existing counter top.
  • Bullet resistant paneling is also available to provide complete wall
    protection around your speak around window


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