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Innovative Glass – Privacy for Hospital Rooms, ICUs, ERs


MANUFACTURERInnovative Glass
  • Steel
  • Sliding
  • Swinging
  • All Glass
  • Automated
  • Folding

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Switchable Privacy Glass for Hospital Rooms, ICUs, ERs & ORs

Hospitals and healthcare facilities today are challenged to meet two vital goals: improving healthcare outcomes and upholding patient satisfaction. eGlass® products offer solutions that ensure the best of both. Our windows, doors, walls, and partitions deliver game-changing advantages, including complete visual and enhanced audible privacy, as well as extreme infection control, while creating more comfortable healing environments.

As hospital staff well know, fabric curtains provide little privacy or protection because they are not soundproof and collect germs that result in cross-contamination. Exterior window treatments, such as blinds and shades, attract dust and contagions as well. These germs can compromise patient and staff health, and put service reimbursements and hospital revenue at risk. eGlass products can solve these issues.

  • Discover why eGlass has been installed at so many prestigious medical centers around the world
  • Replace traditional curtains with this easily maintained, high-tech alternative
  • Used in windows, walls, doors, and partitions in patient rooms and diagnostic areas
  • Create a light-filled healing environment free of unnecessary moving parts or places for germs to accumulate
  • Incorporate larger expanses of glass into hospitals without compromising design
  • Block out stressors and distractions while maintaining patient privacy and dignity
  • Retrofit walls and entryways in active ICUs, ERs, and ORs
  • Easily configures to sliding, telescopic or breakaway doors

Some eGlass products are automatically controlled, while others are electronically operated through a wall switch, by remote control, or hands-free using motion sensors or voice commands — and used by the patient or staff from a nearby nursing station. We offer ideal solutions for the facades of hospitals that are easily installed throughout facility interiors in fixed or sliding walls, within partitions, as well as in swinging or breakaway doors typically used in the ICU and ER. It is virtually soundproof because of its lamination, and it can be tempered for near-indestructibility, if needed. Wiring methods can range from simple door loops or electrified hinges to more proprietary integrated power transfer systems, including our patented PowerTrack, for sliding, telescopic, and breakaway doors.

Cleaning and sanitizing is quickly and easy done using a disinfecting solution, providing extreme infection protection for healthier, happier patients and practitioners — all while saving hospitals time and money.






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